Santa Claus Parade Rules & Regulations



Safety is the highest priority for the Argyle BIA Santa Claus Parade Committee and as such, participants that do not adhere to the Rules and Regulations will not be permitted to participate in the parade.
Please read the following carefully & share the information with all people involved.
ALL FLOATS (which includes trailers, buses, cars, wagons, etc.) Please comply with all of the following:
  1. Please ensure that your float decorations are appropriate for a youth demographic.
  2. Floats must be appropriately decorated and should be made of durable materials that can withstand wind, rain and/or snow conditions. Also, please ensure that float decor is secured, as no persons are permitted to ride on the floats after the disbandment area.
  3. Minimum decoration for corporate vehicles is a wreath over the grill.
  4. Floats can incorporate music, but the sound may not exceed a distance of 30 feet.
  5. Floats with generators must have a fire extinguisher. All combustible materials (i.e. cardboard, paper, straw, etc.) must be at least 3 feet away from the generator. Please note that floats may be inspected. To prevent large gaps during the parade, ensure that your float remains an appropriate distance (50 – 60’ or approximately 3 car lengths) from the one in front of you – you must maintain a consistent speed. This should be discussed with the driver of your float prior to the start of the parade. There will be Parade Marshals along the parade route to ensure that there are no gaps.
  6. Candy, flyers, with permission from the committee can be distributed to spectators along the parade route, please state on your application if you intend to hand anything out. Please note: throwing of candy, flyers or any item is prohibited. Non-compliance will not be tolerated.
  7. Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus cannot be incorporated on your float (elves are permitted). There can only be one Santa!
  8. All entries utilizing horses must provide a clean-up crew to follow. Proof of the crew must be made prior to the parade.
  9. Communication is key! Float organizers must communicate with drivers and float participants as to what is expected of them. Please be sure to inform your driver who they are driving for.
  10. You will receive a phone call to acknowledge your application has been received and then a date as to when to pick up your package.

ENTRY DEADLINE: The deadline for entry applications is November 23rd, 2018. Any applications received after that date will only be considered based on availability.

Please check the box to confirm you have read and agree to the rules and regulations outlined above. If you prefer, you can also print and scan the form and email a copy to us at